PHG Destiny

1000 Member Clan

PHG was founded in 2017 by HuntressBri & JohnnySquintz with the idea of creating a home for Guardians of all kinds. Over time, PHG has expanded from one branch to ten. With a roster of nearly 1000 guardians, PHG has become one of the largest group managed clans in Destiny.

Today, Jaymei and Heres Negan make up the PHG Vanguard, which oversees the clan’s Leadership Team. This team consists of Leads and Admins who each manage their own individual branch. In addition to this, the PHG Specialist Team is made up of the clan’s top players in regards to PvE, PvP, and Gambit expertise. The specialists exist to guide and teach members who are looking to learn more about the various challenges that Destiny offers.

No Communication Limits

Using Discord, we are able to communicate effectively with all clan members across the 10 branches! Voice chat is done via Xbox, Discord or in game comms.


Using Carl-bot, we are able to organise and moderate our server with ease as well as provide a few fun custom commands for members.


Stream? how about letting your clan know? We auto advertise clanmates that stream using the CouchBot platform.


A firm leadership team who all work together to better improve the experience of all 10 branches in our clan!


Using the massively popular Charlemagne Warmind; we are able to organise events including sign up as well as check stats, loadouts and much more!

Discord Xbox Clan Communication

Keeping us all connected

Using Discord as our main source of communication, we are able to effectively communicate across the 10 in game clans. This is primarily for text based LFG but there are also Discord Voice channels, in game communication and Xbox party chat options available. All members in our Discord are in the clans and as such, this allows effective moderation of both the Discord server and the clan members within.

Get in whilst there’s space!